The Institute of Library and Information Science


            The Socioeconomic fabrics of our country have been undergoing fast changes. In order to combat the fast accelerating heterogeneous problems emerging from these changes, the social systems have been their probable solutions. Mobilisation and appropriate use of information are important tasks to everybody. Hence to ensure availability, accessibility and easy flow of information in all spheres of activities is of current relevance and top priority. However, constraints in identifying, locating, collecting, processing storing and analyzing information seekers working in different establishments need skilled help for finding their required information at the right time. Now, in our country there is a very great demand for qualified and experienced personnel well equipped in specialized areas of information handling and services. The course in the Institute of Library and Information Science are designed to develop manpower capable to manage Information institutions such as libraries, Information Systems and Information Centres with modern technology applications. The Institutions provide learning opportunities in concepts and technologies related diverse areas in Library and Information Science.


            The Institute of Library and Information Science was established at Mahatma Gandhi University as Self Financing Academic Department in the Year 1995 and started its academic programmes under the administrative cover of the School of Communication and Information Science (SCIS). But, later in April 2008 it was got delinked from the SCIS. Now the Institution functions under the Centre for Professional and Advanced Studies – CPAS (Society for Self Financing Institution previously run by M.G University) established by the Government of Kerala as a full-fledged Institutions in the Self Financing sector of CPAS, Pullarikkunnu Campus.


  1. To educate the students in the Philosophy of librarianship, basic principles, fundamental laws and professional ethics.
  2. To train the students in the skills of information organisation, processing and retrieval.
  3. To track the student in the management of Library and Information Centres.
  4. To develop the students to apply a wide range of electronic resources and techniques for effective information retrieval.